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Inventories carried out by Rentready

INVENTORIES.   Are you covered? how
 in-depth is your report, what would happen
 if your case went to court
Inventories are only as good as the clerk
 who is completing it and that's the reason
 our Inventory clerk has been trained by
 the AIIC
For further information on the AIIC
 please visit www.theaiic.co.uk.
We see reports all the time that fail to meet
 standards that the courts require, believing
 that photo evidence is enough is where a lot
 of Landlords and Tenants fall short, a two page
 inventory will not stand up in court unless
 it’s a one room shed and even then you would
 struggle with the evidence
All reports come with photo evidence and are
 accompanied with text to support the picture
 and ruler evidence within a photo to support
 size, all work is also documented and dated
 at the time of being taken.

You can View a sample report here
please click on the operator
below and that will take you to
our contacts page where you can
select, "Inventory enquiry" from
the drop down menu
inventory clerk
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