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Check in/outs by rentready

Check In Report

A Check in report should be carried out with the new tenant when they first enter the property on the day of signing, Rentready will  accompany the new tenant as they walk through the inventory report previously carried out and mark on the report any inconsistencies. Once both parties are satisfied, Entry meter readings will be taken accompanied by a photograph. Rentready under your authority will get the new tenant to sign the inventory report and any other paperwork that needs completing before we then hand over the keys to the new tenant.
The inventory is a very detailed report on which the landlord or agent can rely should there be any issues when the tenant is due to leave with regards the return of the deposit or any other matters.

Check Out Report

A Check out report is carried out to determine if there is any undue damage (NOT FAIR WEAR AND TEAR), a copy of the inventory supports any issue with anything within the boundaries of the property, the check out report will list any deviation from the inventory report, firstly so a decision can be made about return of the deposit and secondly whether or not an item or issue needs to be attended too, before a new tenant is able to reside in the property. Rentready usually like to accompany the vacating tenant so that any issues can be raised immediately.

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